Gangasagar Yatra

During the time of Makar Sankranti, usually falls on 14th or 15th January of every year, Million of Hindus from all over India visit the Ganga Sagar Island to take a Holy Dip and get relief from all curse, sin & to earn blessings from Kapil Muni - the avatar or Lord Vishnu. During this perion Gangasagar Mela (Fair) is organized which is the 2nd largest Mela(Fair) after the Kumbh Mela.

GANGASAGAR LOCATION : Gangasagar , also Known as Sagar is in South of West Bengal,  India.

DISTANCE FROM KOLKATA  : 100 Kms by road.

Sagar is an Island on the river Muriganga. This island is cut off from main land by Muriganga river. At present there is no road bridge to connect the main land with the island. People have to cross the distance by Ferry Service to reach Sagar Island (kachuberia jetty/ Lot No. 8),From jetty one has to travel some distance to reach the most southern part of the Island (30 Kms) and the holy shrine & ashram of the great saint Kapil Muni. Gangasagar Beach Is very hard, large with  shallow depth of water.
Ganga Sagar Mela is arranged annually BUT  people come to visit Gangasagar throughout the year from all over India.  It is said that by taking bath in Gangasagar people will get relief from all curse, sin & will earn blessings of God. This place is The  “Punya Tirtha” For Hindus. Here is the delta & end of Ganga river. Here River Ganges meet with Bay Of Bengal.
This sacred place is primarily  important for the Temple Of  Kapil Muni , the great saint  who according to myth was  Lord Vishnu. Kapil Muni was  the son of Kardam Muni. In the myth history  it was said that Kardam Muni had to go through his marital life according to the directions of  Lord Vishnu , but Muni agreed this under a condition   & as per the condition Muni wished to Lord Vishnu to have him as his son. As per this condition  Lord Vishnu had taken birth & named Kapil Muni. Kapil Muni’s mythological story is related with the story of bringing the  Holy River Ganga at this place.The mythological story is something like  ---

King  Sagar ’s  60,000 sons came to this place  in search of their father’s Sacrificial  Horse & they found it there. Actually the horses were stolen  by Devraj Indra  & hidden at ‘Patal’ (below the earth) beside Kapil Muni’s hermitage. But king’s sons  was unknown with it ,When  they saw  Kapil Muni there, they started to blame him for stealing  &  interrupted in Muni’s meditations. Muni became angry & his blaze of anger came out of his eyes, which burnt king’s sons & consigned their souls in to  hell. Many year’s later king’s grandson king  Bhagirath came to  Kapil  Muni  to beg & to pray to Muni to release the souls from hell.Then according to Kapil Muni’s directions king Bhagirath brought Devi Ganga to this place  & with the touch of this holy river’s  water the souls got liberty. As per the myth, the souls were liberated on the day of “Makar Sankranti”.

So to release own souls from pain, sin & to earn virtue  people come here from all over India & take a holy shower into this holy Sagar (Island) & earn blessings & worship the great saint Kapil Muni.
Near the Ashram of Kapil Muni, in KapilVan, on Kapil Kund, under a tree of Chokar, 31st Baithak - Shri Ganga Sagar (W.Bengal) of Shri Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhuji is situated.
On all the four sides, there are deep jungles. At this place, Shri Mahaprabhuji had rested for 6 months.
Contact Information :-
Shri Mahaprabhuji's Baithak,
Near Kapil Ashram,
On Kapil Kund,
Kakdveep Bet, South 24 Parganas
West Bengal India.